Sessions with Doug

   What is a Radiant Life Intuitive / Alignment ?

   If your car is acting up you take it into a mechanic to get it moving again. If your life or situation is stuck and not moving I can help you get moving again, by intuitively sensing what is blocking you. I am also able to help you identify/clarify the parts of yourself that need healing and getting clear so that you can better able see your next step. Moving from motivation into inspiration.

    A Radiant Life Alignment Session is an exchange of energy that unfolds when two people engage through words, spirit, body language, harmonic resonance and combined auras, creating a spiral of expansive energy. This spiral of energy is the allowing of both people involved to align into greater vision and understanding that manifests insights for their greater good. Light brings information to a situation. Distance is not a does not matter.

    In essence, my ability to facilitate clarity through you allows each of us to grow into something greater... helping to move and expand the energy into a more holistic awareness of a see things that previously may have been hidden or obscure when only one person viewed a situation. I default in the direction of the higher spiritual perspective for any given situation...seeing the larger perspective and the underlying energies and feelings.

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What are my Specialties?

    and feeling better about yourself and where you might be going or being.
  • Finding YOUR TRUE POWER.
  • Discovering your strongest LIFE PATH.
  • LAW OF ATTRACTION  and how to fine tune using it.
  • ACKNOWLEDGING FEELINGS...what am I really feeling in my body and how to use them.
  • RELATIONSHIPS...ultimately with yourself or that elusive other.
  • Finding your INNER ARTIST...for anyone that can't draw a straight line.
  • College, Europe, the Peace Corp, Work or the Military...after high school which one?
  • I LOST MY JOB...Now adventure?
  • Creating your own style...for ARTISTS and Non-Artists.
  • From VICTIM to BEING RESPONSIBLE for your own life.
  • LEAPS OF FAITH and the best cliff to jump from.
  • The truly INSPIRED YOU!
  • What do you really KNOW and how to find out.
  • LETTING GO into the flow.
  • PLAY IS THE WAY!!!!!!
  • A NEW AGE IMMERGING...and making sense of your place in it. Are you a Lightworker?
  • SMALL BUSINESS brain/spirit storming ( Getting your idea to the next steps )
  • SMALL BUSINESS efficiency and work flows.
  • EMPOWERING YOU and BECOMING SOVERIEGN ( who is the real boss of you? ).

What is the cost?

  • All sessions are currently on a sliding scale from $25 - $50 / session.
    I accept credit card (PayPal online)
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    or check, cash, or money order. It is a Donation button to give you the ability to select your own price between $25 and $50 (or more if you feel so moved)

    How many sessions will I need?

What methods are used?

I do not use methods or techniques. But, if I had to name would be as I have stated elsewhere ...Radiant Life Alignments. This would be a combination of my natural intuitive talent to clearly sense where you are, what is the block towards movement and what is within you to realign yourself in the direction of your greatest good. I also incorporate occasional exercises that may assist you in your unique situation (no...not physical, but you never know). It is all about questions that allow you to get better clarity that unleashes your energies to move forward again.

Can the sessions be over the phone or  through Skype?

ABSOLUTELY! By appointment only.

Do you have specific hours for sessions?

In person sessions are generally afternoons from 1 pm until 5 pm.
Phone sessions are the same and can also be scheduled in the evening from 7 - 9 pm.
(Other times can be available on a per client approval and availability...meaning, if I have some open time other than what is stated here, then there can be a possibility of a session)

What if I cannot make my appointment?

If you cannot make the scheduled time please notify me at least one day in advance to reschedule. Frequent missing of scheduled times will result in a discontinuance as a client. I consider my services as a commitment to yourself. If you cannot commit to yourself, then you are not interested in what I am offering.


This website and the services offered are not intended to replace any professional medical or psychological care currently being undertaken by any user of this site.