I truly love listening to and many times following the inner urgings that the cells of my body (connected to all things) whisper to me. Perhaps I can best sum up where my heart lies by inserting a portion of the opening of my up coming book, Hitchhiking to Nirvana, which best describes my personal view and the perspective by which I offer Radiant Life Alignments.View Doug's Art Galleries

   "Through all of my journeys and experiences I have come to discover that our world seems to be run by people who think that if you are not doing something phenomenally worthwhile, then you are a failure or just lazy. You must achieve, you must win, you must give back, you must succeed, you must do better, you must set goals, you must be something other than what you are doing, because you are falling behind spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Read this, do that, speak this way, sit properly, and achieve a level of perfection unknown to the world before now. Society’s persona seems to think that the only way to BE is to be DOING it different than the way you presently are living your life. You are bombarded with information from everywhere on what to say, think, eat, drink, marry, be, know and feel. It is a wonder you ever know how to truly listen to your heart’s yearnings. Who are you really? Have you lost the rhythm of your own breathing? ..."

    "MY LIFE”S quest has been to catch my breath, then breathe and relax into how I might live here in my own time. . .Finding your way applies to any time in your life. . .if you follow the prompting and nudging from your heart, in faith, with courage, where might that lead? Are the ways, that everyone else is living, right for you?"

    Your Way is the Right Way!!! Playfully, joyfully, full of grace and abundance, with no apologizes to anyone, including your parents.

    "My intent is to demonstrate to you that it is OK to step out and find a path that is worthy of you, may it be grand or simple. It is my wish that you find the feelings that tell you that no matter what you do, your gifts are worthy of being part of the magic of life now. No one else has your special view or energy. The world would not be the same without you! My intent is to inspire the living daylights INTO you and me…one moment at a time."  As you learn what it means to truly Embrace Yourself.

Vibrating with Inspired Enthusiasm, Laced with Joyful Anticipation, Resting in Love,

          Doug Cristafir

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