About Doug Cristafir

Doug Cristafr

     My life has been a journey that I have allowed myself to feel and explore what it means to be me...uniquely me...no matter what others may have thought or said. If something didn't feel right on the path I couldn't do it for very long or at all.

    I am a self proclaimed Radiant Life Intuitive, focusing on YOU finding your own path and inspiration that helps get your life and energy moving again. Achievement and acquiring possessions mean nothing if you do not feel inspired in living your life. Others may offer you tools and advice, but you alone have the inside line to who you really are, where you might want to go, and what you might want to do. I can help you find your way through the chaos using what you already know. It is all about perspective.

     My path has been a flowing creative one; through art school, 45,000 miles of hitchhiking, living in nine different states (not at the same time), the military, marriage/divorce, a daughter and trying out lots of business ideas. The 37 years of exploring the creative process while creating art, along with my natural ability to intuit what is blocking a persons energy and balance has given me a unique blend of intuitive perspectives and insights. I have studied and practiced metaphysical ideas and concepts and truly know what it means to live a life through the heart/soul...with no apologies or achieving complete perfection.

     So I offer you my Radiant Life Alignment Sessions as my ability to listen (energetically and physically), reflect and offer clarity with perspectives that may help you unravel energy and road blocks in your life; helping to catapult yourself to the next level of understanding and revelation. I offer support to nurture your path into wholeness and excitement where self-empowerment resonates like a well spring. Using the clear power of the Law of Attraction and assisting you to feel your feelings, I offer you a tune-up for your life with ways to re-connect with the YOU inside. By aligning with the clarity of your self that hungers to be set free and empowered, you connect with others as our human world finds its way home into the New Paradigm unfolding on Earth.

Live a Radiant Life that is uniquely yours. It is what you are here to do. And as we set our own inner spirit free we connect with others empowered to help transform our planet into a more harmonious and cooperative world.

(read Perspectives to get a better feel of where I am 'coming from')

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